Ilia Prusikin on Eurovision 2021 participation. ... Eurovision Song Contest 2021. Last week, Ilia Prusikin – Little Big’s lead singer – sat down for a remote interview with Forbes Russia. Video. Russia was the most successful country in Eurovision in 2000-2009, with … All the songs and videos from Eurovision 2020. Eurovision Song Contest 2021 will be held in Rotterdam, the Netherlands. It was confirmed on the night the Grand Final of Eurovision 2020 was supposed to be held. All about Eurovision 2021 in Rotterdam. 4.1 stars ★ 8091 ratings. Eurovision 2020 was cancelled. Following the cancellation of the Eurovision Song Contest 2020, the European Broadcasting Union, EBU and the Dutch broadcasters NPO, NOS and AVROTROS and the City of Rotterdam entered discussions on the possibilities of hosting Eurovision 2021 … Amongst the topics covered was the band’s possible participation at Eurovision 2021. Eurovision 2020 Russia: Little Big - "Uno" 468. Eurovision 2020: All the songs and videos. Music Video. Russia won their first Eurovision Song Contest in 2008, when Dima Bilan, participating for the second time in the contest, won with the song "Believe", bringing the contest to Russia for 2009.